The Goat Foundation is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Give Hope

Save a family

Helping a family is within reach

Our vision is to help 100 families by raising $10,000. Every little bit helps.




$100 = 2 Goats

Feed a Family

Buys 2 goats that provide milk, cheese and the potential for baby goats




$50 = 1 Goat

Brings the doe

Buys a single goat that will be paired with another single goat donation.




$10 = 20% of a Goat

Help with the kids

$10 paired with other contributions help add up toward our goal. 

Where It All Started


It all began when Steve Down came across a family who found themselves in a difficult situation—with no one to provide for the widowed mother with four young children without income.   They were to get by with only a vegetable garden. This was until Steve learned that, sometimes, goats are donated to families who find themselves in such dire circumstances. Unfortunately, because of scarcity of resources, most families are left without necessary funds to meet basic needs such as food.

In this case, Steve took it upon himself to help this family by buying them a pair of goats. He then discovered how this small gesture changed the lives of this family.

This small act inspired a vision of donating two goats (he goat and she goat) to families in need throughout Africa.  Recipient families will be asked to donate the firstborn goat from each pair to the next village family in need.  This could provide perpetual giving of goats and nutrition.

Our vision is that such a small idea can put a dent in the hunger of Africa. This is The Goat Foundation—Giving hope by giving goats.