Our Vision

Supporting Communities

 Locally Sourced

These goats and resources are purchased directly from African farmers and livestock owners which makes an impact on the lives of those providing as well. This helps support the community and put money in the pockets of those who need it to produce these resources. Together we can make a massive impact.

A Successful Family Tree

Even The Giving Grows.

You can help us to save the lives of so many families. 

We have a real chance to do this by giving two goats to a family who has no money to get important nutrients to live. Once we hit our initial goal of donating to 100 families, it doesn’t stop there. When we donate one male and one female goat, when they reproduce the first born goat will be donated to a new family who needs help. This way, it becomes perpetual. Here at The Goat Foundation we know this is a true way to help create sustainability for thousands of lives.



Our vision is to save families from going hungry… for a lifetime!

If you had the chance to save thousands of families from starvation for a lifetime, would you do it? Here at The Goat Foundation we have a vision to do just that. The nutrients from just two goats and a simple garden can keep a family from going hungry for an entire lifetime and empower them to do the things they need to progress. We want to give thousands of families a pair of goats. A pair of goats costs $100 ($50 per goat). By donating only $100 you are donating a he goat and a she goat that could feed a family for a lifetime. When these goats reproduce, the first baby goat will be sent to another family in need to keep the process going. This means that we can continue supporting families in need perpetually.

Kenya Africa alone has a population of 46 million people. According to the Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research Analysis, 14.5 million of these Kenyans face food insecurity and poor nutrition each year. We must do what we can do put a dent in that number. It is one thing to be uncomfortable. It’s another thing to work your whole life. We believe in helping people. We believe in saving lives.

— The Goat Foundation