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The Goat Foundation Community Giveback of 200 goats to 100 families at Mnarani Ward, Kilifi County
Date: 23rd April 2022

KILIFI COUNTY, KENYA Saturday 23rd April 2022, Hope for 100 families as they rise from starvation and poverty in Mnarani Ward, Kilifi County, this is after a donation of 200 goats to 100 widows by the Goat Foundation. The foundations gesture is pegged on the principle of Cause Capitalism, which is when a for-profit organization chooses as its partner a non-profit organization; not as a gimmick but as a true sustainable partner.

“A better future for Kenya and Africa lies in empowering low-income and middle-income households to improve their cashflow. As Financially Fit a for profit company, we have partnered with the Goat Foundation our non-profit partner to give hope to the people of Kilifi by giving goats.” Said Financially Fit CEO, Steve Down

The occasion held at Majajani Village; Kilifi County dubbed “Giving Hope by Giving Goats” is targeted at empowering 100 widows in the region through seed donations to help them gain sustainable income as well as uplift their household financially.

Each beneficiary receives a he and a she-goat from the givebacks. The carefully selected breeds can be able to produce milk for family consumption as well as for selling. Together, they are able to reproduce as well as be used for meat production hence improving the families cashflow.

Through Climate Smart Agriculture, this initiative offers Goats and Goat rearing knowledge as a scalable choice of livelihood and income generation in Arid and Semi-Arid regions because of their drought-resistant nature, relatively short gestation period and low-cost maintenance in rearing.

“Through Cause capitalism, this future is safeguarded in community development. This is why our operations are not only focus on promoting financial literacy but also being cause champions.” Said Financially Fit, CEO Steve Down.

The foundation targets to enable 100,000 Kenyans across the 80% households in the Arid and Semi-Arid regions of Kenya by 2025.This will ensure the basic needs of children and women within these households are met.

For More Information Contact: –

Messy Sum, Media Relations, Financially Fit – The Goat Foundation, +254 708 182 525

About Financially Fit and The Goat Foundation


Financially Fit in Africa, was founded in 2021 by founder and CEO Steve Down as part of Financially Fit LLC, as a for-profit company that offers personal wealth education through an online program based on a principle-centred curriculum. At the centre of its operations is the mandate of “inspiring hope vision and direction” This is why it envisions being the global leader in personal wealth education and services, inspiring hope, vision and direction to individuals, families, businesses and nations; illuminating the planet through principle centered wealth. Its mission: changing the way you feel, think and act about money.


Founded in 2019 by Financially Fit CEO and founder of Cause Capitalism, Steve Down, The GOAT Foundation is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to giving the vulnerable in various communities an opportunity to create wealth through sustainable income and apply the principle of giving and sharing. This way, beneficiaries can meet their needs while participating fully in developing the community they live in. Its vision is “Giving hope by giving goats.”