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Advocating for Profit and Non Profit partnerships in uplifting the vulnerable and initiating community change through Cause Capitalism

The Goat foundation sustainability Model

The Goat Foundation Sustainability Model

The Goat Foundation is one of several initiatives to solve the vulnerability of income through the Cause Capitalism Principle. By giving 2 goats to each family- a he goat and a she goat, Various families can be able to help themselves gain income. The families also give the first-born offspring to the next family without. This brings the multiplicity that creates abundance.

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics in its report estimates that about 12 million in Kenya live below the poverty line. The COVID 19 pandemic has particularly affected people in informal settlements adversely. Many cannot access basic necessities due to losing their sources of income. Financially Fit Africa through the Goat Foundation is taking the initiative to change the livelihoods of these households that were immensely affected by unforeseen economic troubles.

Financially Fit Africa founder and CEO , Steve Down defines Cause Capitalism as “when a for-profit organization chooses as its partner a non-profit organization- not as a gimmick but as a true sustainable partner.” Financially Fit Africa (a for-profit) and The Goat Foundation (a non-profit), partnered with another non profit, Kavod Foundation and through the help of the local authorities and the church leaders, they were able to identify 25 vulnerable families from various villages to be beneficiaries of the Goat foundation.

Financially Fit Africa, and Kavod Foundation partnered with The Goat Foundation to donate goats to the vulnerable communities in Makueni County in Kenya.

Through Cause Capitalism in the communities, the Goat foundation donated 50 goats to 25 vulnerable families at Nunguni, Kilungu in Makueni county in Kenya. The county is one of the driest parts in Kenya. Families here live in absolute poverty as most of the population relies on subsistence farming for household food and income. The goat donations goats are complimentary to them as sustainable solutions towards arid farming. Giving hope by giving goats!

Why goats and not cows or chickens? Financially Fit Africa identified that in these communities, owning a herd of goats symbolizes wealth as a family is able to provide basic needs to their next of kin through animal husbandry. The goats produce milk rich in vitamin A that is a good source of key vitamins in preventing malnutrition among children in the area. They will also be a return on investment as their meat and fiber will be sold as food and used to weave clothes respectively.

The Partnership in whole, promotes a culture of giving back. Empowering communities with financial literacy and donations creates sustainability. This doesn’t just bring people together for a cause, but also uplifts them from poverty . Ultimately, this promotes wealth creation

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